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Indigenous Affairs 5/08

Region publication is about: International, Internacional
Release year: 2008
Release month/day: 2008
Order through: Bindrai Institute for Research, Study and Action (BIRSA), att. Mr. Samar Bosu Mullick This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. document.getElementById('cloakb38d15bef1cec8c14d838b4f00b958ba').innerHTML = ''; var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addyb38d15bef1cec8c14d838b4...
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Povos Indígenas em Isolamento Voluntário ou em Contato Inicial na Amazônia e no Gran Chaco

Number of pages: 384
ISBN number: 978-85-86736-22-3
Country publication is about: Bolivia, Brazil, Brasil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Paraguay , Peru, Perú , Venezuela, Chaco , Chaco
Region publication is about: Latin America, América Latina
Release year: 2007
Release month/day: 2007
O presente livro reúne as apresentações relizadas durante o "Seminário Regional sobre Povos Indígenas Isolados ou em Contato Inicial da Amazônia e do Gran Chaco", ocorrido em Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolívia), de 20 a 22 de Novembro de 2006. Com a celebração desse seminário, a publicação de suas atas e o diálogo relizado entre as organizaçiones Indígenas, especialistas e as admi...
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Naga: a People Struggling for Self Determination

Author: Shimreichon Luithui
Number of pages: 22
Country publication is about: India, Nagalim, Burma, Birmania
Region publication is about: Asia
Release year: 2001
Release month/day: jun-00
Since more than 50 years, an indigenous people living in the mountainous Northeastern corner of the Indian Subcontinent has fought a silent war. Silent because this war has been largely ignored be the world. Ever since the Nagas have been in contact with outside powers they have fiercely resisted any attempt of subjugation. The British colonizers managed to control only parts of the rugged Naga te...
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Paraguay: The Case of the Ayoreo. IWGIA Report 4

Author: Unión de Nativos Ayoreo de Paraguay, Iniciativa Amotocodie
Number of pages: 44
ISBN number: 978-99953-898-2-6
Country publication is about: Paraguay, Paraguay , Chaco , Chaco
Region publication is about: Latin America, América Latina
Release year: 2010
Release month/day: maj-10
This IWGIA Report documents the injustices experienced by the indigenous Ayoreo people in Paraguay, who have lost much of their ancestral lands to ranching, illegal sale of land and extractive industries - a development that threatens the physical and cultural survival of the groups of Ayoreos still living in voluntary isolation. This publication is aimed at demarcating the territory of the Ayo...
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Peru: A Chronicle of Deception. IWGIA Report 5

Author: Research Team of ODECOFROC
Number of pages: 62
ISBN number: 978-87-91563-73-7
ISSN number: 0105-4503
Country publication is about: Peru, Perú
Region publication is about: Latin America, América Latina
Release year: 2009
Release month/day: dec-09
This report argues and demonstrates that the Peruvian government acted in bad faith by modifying the original proposal to create the Ichigkat Muja National Park agreed upon with the Awajún and Wampís indigenous communities of the District of El Cenepa, Department of Amazonas, Peru. The proposal to create a protected natural area in the Cordillera del Cóndor, the traditional land of these people...
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Colombia: The Case of the Naya. IWGIA Report 2

Author: Pedro García Hierro
Number of pages: 52
ISBN number: 978-958-8262-70-3
Country publication is about: Colombia
Region publication is about: Latin America, América Latina
Release year: 2008
Release month/day: dec-08
The violations of the fundamental rights of the black, indigenous and peasant farmer population of the Colombian Pacific, regarded by all the armed forces, both regular and irregular, as the “collateral damage” of any armed conflict, may have objectives of their own, independent of the Colombian internal armed conflict. The territorial uprooting of these peoples may be an objective in itself...
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Os direitos dos povos indígenas em Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasil. Informe IWGIA 3

Author: José Alwyn
Number of pages: 84
ISBN number: 97-88791563-34-8
Country publication is about: Brazil, Brasil
Region publication is about: Latin America, América Latina
Release year: 2009
Release month/day: 2009
Este informe, que denominei de “Os direitos do povos indígenas em Mato do Grosso do Sul, Brasil. Confinamento e tutela no século XXI”, trata das observações de minha visita, bem como da pesquisa e análise realizada posteriormente a partir da perspectiva dos direitos humanos. Nele aborda-se o tratamento que o Estado brasileiro tem outorgado aos povos indígenas, analisando especialmente...
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