Indigenous women deprived of their liberty in Guatemala

Racism and patriarchy present profound challenges within the Guatemalan prison system. The penal system is a reflection of the discrimination experienced by Indigenous women all over: for being women, Indigenous and poor. In the face of this adversity, the Colectivo Artesana promotes public policies that protect the human rights of Indigenous female prisoners. False accusations, planted evidence, fraudulent use of bank accounts and the absence of translation services during the legal process are among the many recurring irregularities.

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Racist and Patriarchal Justice in Argentina: the Reina Maraz case

The criminal procedure confronted by Reina Meraz, a Bolivian immigrant woman, exposes a double issue of the Argentinian judicial system: the need to train judicial officers in both gender perspective and interculturalism. Reina was subjected to a procedure that neglected her native tongue, Quechua, and was condemned to a life sentence on the back of a defective argumentation that disregarded the dynamics of gender violence. Ultimately, Reina was absolved amid a context of popular and feminist mobilizations, and concerted efforts between State agencies, non-governmental organizations and social movements.*

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Aboriginal people in Australia: the most imprisoned people on Earth

Aboriginal incarceration rates are much higher than the general Australian population. Moreover, Indigenous women represent 34% of the total number of inmates. As if this wasn’t enough, the legal and welfare systems are removing Indigenous children from their families and culture, serving as a mechanism of forced assimilation.

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Launch of the Indigenous World 2021

About the Indigenous World:

For 35 consecutive years the International work Group for Indigenous Affairs IWGIA has published The Indigenous World.

This publication is a one-of-a-kind documentation tool that offers a comprehensive yearly overview of the developments Indigenous Peoples experience around the world. The book also intends to serve as a source of inspiration and advocacy tool to raise global awareness of the rights of Indigenous Peoples, their struggles and their resilience. This 35th edition includes 62 regional and country reports and 20 reports on international processes and initiatives covered in this edition underscore these trends.

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