Venezuela: isolated indigenous people, illegal groups, and Covid-19


The Jödi, the Yanomami and the Uwottüja living in voluntary isolation are threatened by the invasions that result from extractive activities and by the presence of illegal groups in the area: to the environmental impact we should add the sociocultural and sanitary ramifications. The isolated groups are aware that foreign agents are potential disease carriers, which represents a motivation to remain isolated. The Covid-19 pandemic worsens this situation due to the high epidemiological and immunological vulnerability.

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Indigenous communicator training: strengthening Indigenous Peoples’ self-determination

During 2020, IWGIA provided the necessary support to consolidate the operation of Radio Wampis in Peru and the first cycle of students at the journalism school in Charagua, Bolivia.

The training of Indigenous communicators, particularly youth, was part of the strategy to consolidate the Indigenous autonomies of the Wampis people and of the Guaraní in the Chaco region of Bolivia. In both cases, Indigenous youth have been trained in different media.

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Indigenous Peoples stand up to oil companies in Peru

In 2020, the Government of Peru allocated 260 million Peruvian Soles (PEN) (approximately USD 72 million) of public funds to remediate tropical forest sites damaged by oil exploitation on Indigenous territory in the Pastaza, Corrientes, Tigre and Marañon river basins. With this, the government took a step towards implementing the Law on remuneration for environmental remediation.

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Internet in the Amazon allows Indigenous communities to act promptly on COVID-19

In 2020, Indigenous Amazonian communities implemented a self-imposed lockdown as protection against the rapid spread of COVID-19. During the lockdown, recently-installed satellite Internet proved to be a lifesaver. Through this Internet connectivity, the Indigenous representative organisation, Coharyima, was instantly able to reach and coordinate with its base communities on how to self-isolate, restrict entry of travellers and follow health guidelines. Had it not been for the Internet installations, it would have taken days or weeks for such messages to be communicated.

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