Regional Sensitization Seminar on the Rights of Indigenous Populations/Communities in Central and East Africa

Number of pages: 51
ISBN number: 978-87-92786-30-2
Region publication is about: Africa, África
Release year: 2012

Tags: Land rights, Global governance, Human rights

This publication gives an overview of the presentations made at the regional sensitization seminar organized by the African Commission’s Working Group on Indigenous Populations/Communities in the republic of Congo on 22 to 25 August 2011. One of the objectives of the seminar was to inform key stakeholders from East and Central Africa on the African Commission’s approach to promoting the rights of indigenous peoples. The seminar also sought to identify the main problems faced by indigenous peoples in Central and East Africa and how can these be better addressed by their respective government. The seminar also gave the participants the opportunity to develop strategies for better collaboration between the African commission, governments, civil society organizations and indigenous communities in the two regions. The seminar focused, among other things, on the following topics: - The role of the African Commission’s working group in promoting and protecting the rights of indigenous populations/communities in Africa and the relevant jurisprudence of the African Commission in that matter. - Positive developments and challenges in recognizing and protecting the rights of indigenous populations/communities in Central and East Africa. - The impact of climate change on the lives and well-being of indigenous populations/communities in Central and East Africa. - The contribution of pastoralism to national economies in Africa. - The role of the different stakeholders in promoting and protecting the rights of indigenous populations/communities. Recommendations Conclusions and recommendation for states, civil society organisations, indigenous communities and the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights were adopted by the participants at the seminar and can be found in the report. Please find the report as a pdf on this page or go to our webshop to order a copy.
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