Indigenous Affairs 1-2/2007 First year of Evo Morales' presidency

Number of pages: 92
ISSN number: 1024-3283
Country publication is about: Bolivia
Region publication is about: Latin America, América Latina
Release year: 2007
Release month/day: jun-07

Tags: Global governance, Human rights

The theme for this edition of Indigenous Affairs is the first year of Evo Morales' presidency. Content: Editorial The history of a Bolivia in search of change - by Xavier Albó Interview with Xavier Albó - by Julio Peñaloza Bretel The struggel for natural resources. From exclusion and plunder to return of the Land - by Susana Rivero Guzmán Renewing the land reform - by Leonardo Tamburini Constituent assembly - by Carlos Romero Bonifaz An indigenous commodity and its paradoxes. Coca leaf in a globalised world - by Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui Interview with Carlos Hugo Molina. "The change has not been driven by the elite" - by Javier Méndez Vedia Interview with Pedro Nuni Caiti. "There's a gap there, in the dark, to move forward" - by Javier Méndez Vedia Interview with Jose Bailaba Parapaino. "A high level of participation is being shown" - by Javier Méndez Vedia "Our struggle goes beyond democracy" - by David Choquehuanca The Indigenous face of Bolivia: Confronting the racist intelligentsia - by Julio Peñaloza Bretel
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