• Indigenous peoples in Bangladesh

    Indigenous peoples in Bangladesh

    Bangladesh is home to more than 54 indigenous peoples speaking more than 35 languages. Bangladesh has not adopted the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and the economic and political rights of the country's indigenous peoples remain ignored.
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    54 indigenous peoples speaking 35 languages live in Bangladesh.
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    The land rights of indigenous peoples in Bangladesh continue to be one of the alarming issues and a key factor of gross human rights violations in the country.
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    53 of cases of human rights violations against indigenous women were reported in Bangladesh in 2016. Many cases are never reported.
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Bangladesh: Police attack on peaceful demonstration of indigenous students

Police attacked on peaceful demonstration of indigenous students against UNDP’s cultural diversity festival in Dhaka, Bangladeh. A total of 9 students were arrested and at least 9 student including 2 girls were injured in this attack.

It is learnt that on 6 December 2011 indigenous students organised a peaceful demonstration in front of national press club in Dhaka. Soon after the start of the demonstration, police suddenly jumped over the indigenous students. Police indiscriminately beat the indigenous students while they were leaving the place and arrested 9 indigenous students. Arrested students were identified as Mr. Jotisman Chakma, Utthai Mong Marma, Martim Chakma, Nishan Chakma, Mihir Chakma, Uking Marma, Using Marma, Mithel Chakma and Luk Chakma. Besides, Mr. Amlan Chakma, Ms. Happy Tripura, Mr. Jemson Amlai Bawm, Mr. Naba Shankar Chakma, Mr. Nutun Bikash Chakma, Mr. Trijinad Chakma, Mr. Shepard Bawm and Ms. Chandra Tripura were injured. It is mentionable that United Nations Development Programme-Chittagong Hill Tracts Development Facility UNDP-CHTDF jointly with Ministry of CHT Affairs (MoCHTA) is organising Cultural Diversity Festival 2011 from 4 December 2011 till 9 December 2011 in Dhaka. Though UNDP-CHTDF used the word “indigenous peoples” in the previous cultural diversity festivals in the last four years, however, this year UNDP-CHTDF has used the word ‘ethnic minorities’, ‘small ethnic group’ and ‘tribal’ in its ‘Concept Note: Cultural Diversity Festival 2011’ and several documents excluding the term ‘indigenous peoples’. Indigenous leaders protested against the term ‘ethnic minorities’, ‘small ethnic group’ and ‘tribal’ saying that it has undermined indigenous peoples’ rights!

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