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  • Indigenous Affairs 2-3/06 - Arctic Oil and Gas Development

Indigenous Affairs 2-3/06 - Arctic Oil and Gas Development

Publisher: IWGIA
Number of pages: 76
ISSN number: 1024-3283
Publication language: English
Region publication is about: Arctic, Ártico
Release year: 2006
Release month/day: okt-06
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This thematic issue of Indigenous Affairs examines some of the major oil and gas development projects that affect the lives and lands of indigenous peoples throughout the Circumpolar North, highlighting indigenous perspectives and concerns over such development. The contributors explore the processes of decision-making, social impact assessment and environmental review assessments in the face of proposals to build pipelines across Russia, Alaska, and Canada’s Yukon Territory and Northwest Territories, consider indigenous livelihood rights and oil development in northern Alberta; and examine the political and social mood over oil exploration in Greenland. While local experiences and responses to oil and gas development may not be universal, the contributors seek to understand how communities differ in their experiences, and what common perspectives, understandings and experiences they may share.



  • by Mark Nuttall and Kathrin Wessendorf

Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Debate

  • by Mark Nuttall

Yukon First Nations and the Alaska Highway Gas Pipeline

  • by David Roddick

The Mackenzie Gas Project: Aboriginal Interests, the Environment and Northern Canada's Energy Frontier

  • by Mark Nuttall

Assessing the Impacts of Oilsands Development on Indigenous Peoples in Alberta

  • by Clint Westman

Oil Exploration in Greenland

  • by Rasmus Ole Rasmussen

Oil and Gas Development in Western Siberia and Timan-Pechora

  • by Florian Stammler and Bruce C. Forbes

Oil Pipeline Development and Indigenous Rights in Eastern Siberia

  • by Gail Fondahl and Anna Sirina

Evenks of Chitinskaya Province: Society and Economy (Still) in Transition

  • by Olga Povoroznyuk

Tags: Land rights



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