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  • Colombia: The Case of the Naya. IWGIA Report 2

Colombia: The Case of the Naya. IWGIA Report 2

Publisher: IWGIA, Colectivo de Trabajo Jenzera
Author: Pedro García Hierro
Number of pages: 52
ISBN number: 978-958-8262-70-3
Publication language: English
Country publication is about: Colombia
Region publication is about: Latin America, América Latina
Release year: 2008
Release month/day: dec-08
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ID in old database: 25

The violations of the fundamental rights of the black, indigenous and peasant farmer population of the Colombian Pacific, regarded by all the armed forces, both regular and irregular, as the “collateral damage” of any armed conflict, may have objectives of their own, independent of the Colombian internal armed conflict. The territorial uprooting of these peoples may be an objective in itself, and not a consequence of the conflict. This can be concluded from the links between armed actions, dispossessions of community lands and the false legalizations of these lands once seized.

Tags: Land rights, Climate action, Human rights



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