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  • Peru: A Chronicle of Deception. IWGIA Report 5

Peru: A Chronicle of Deception. IWGIA Report 5

Publisher: IWGIA, ODECOFROC & Racimos de Ungurahui -
Author: Research Team of ODECOFROC
Number of pages: 62
ISBN number: 978-87-91563-73-7
ISSN number: 0105-4503
Publication language: English
Country publication is about: Peru, Perú
Region publication is about: Latin America, América Latina
Release year: 2009
Release month/day: dec-09
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ID in old database: 10

This report argues and demonstrates that the Peruvian government acted in bad faith by modifying the original proposal to create the Ichigkat Muja National Park agreed upon with the Awajún and Wampís indigenous communities of the District of El Cenepa, Department of Amazonas, Peru. The proposal to create a protected natural area in the Cordillera del Cóndor, the traditional land of these peoples, was prepared together with the environmental authority of the Peruvian government through a long negotiation process and detailed scientific studies, with the purpose of preserving an extremely vulnerable area at the headwaters of the Cenepa River, considered to be particularly important for the indigenous populations and humanity from a cultural, biological and economic point of view. The report also proves that the Peruvian government acted in this manner in order to benefit mining entrepreneurs, some of whom maintain strong political ties with senior government officials, in open violation of Convention 169 of the International Labor Organization, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the American Convention on Human Rights. As a result, the territory of these peoples has been threatened, and their rights, not to mention the national and international laws that protect them, have been challenged. This situation serves as a basis for the claims made by the indigenous movement that led to massive demonstrations in 2008 and 2009, in addition to a prolonged strike, which culminated in the bloody events of Bagua (June 5, 2009), when the government violently intervened to evacuate the Awajún and Wampís contingents that had blocked a highway.


Tags: Land rights, Climate action



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