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  • Indigenous Affairs 3-4/09 Pastoralism

Indigenous Affairs 3-4/09 Pastoralism

Publisher: IWGIA
Number of pages: 70
ISSN number: 1024-3283
Publication language: English
Country publication is about: Kenya, Kenia, Tanzania, Burkina Faso
Region publication is about: International, Internacional
Release year: 2010
Release month/day: apr-10
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This issue of Indigenous Affairs focuses on the situation of the millions of indigenous peoples who are nomadic pastoralists. Nomadic pastoralists have unique cultures and make unique and productive use of harsh environments. Nomadic pastoralists the world over are, however, the subject of an unusually large number of myths and misconceptions that have led to inadequate, often hostile development policies, entrenched pastoral poverty, discrimination and human rights violations. Pastoralists have much to offer in terms of unique indigenous knowledge, economic contributions, cultural diversity etc., but in order to realize their full potential, misconceptions need to be corrected and supportive policies and programmes put in place.


Editorial - Pastoralism - by Marianne Wiben Jensen


Tibet's Nomadic Pastoralists - by John Isom


Generating Wealth from Environmental Variability: The Economics of Pastoralism in East Africa's Drylands - by Ced Hesse

Pushing, Hounding and Bullying: Half a Decade of Resentment and Acrimony Towards Indigenous Peoples in Tanzania - by Edward Porokwa
Pastoralism and the Challenges of Climate Change - by Joseph Ole Simel

Human Rights and Development Challenges Faced by Indigenous Pastoralist Women: Experiences from Laikipia and Samburu, North Central Kenya - by Rebecca Lolosoli and Johnson Ole Kaunga

The Nomadic Pastoralists of Burkina Faso - by Issa Diallo

Regional Networking Among the Pastoralist Communities of West Africa: The Billital Maroobe Network - by Dodo Boureima


Siberian Reindeer Pastoralism and Challenges Facing Reindeer Herders in Western Siberia - by Stephan Dudeck


Tags: Land rights



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